Shalmali Sanjay Surlakar, Bindu M. Sarfare, Snehal Ghodey, Swati Bhise


Osteoarthritis (OA) is a non-inflammatory progressive degenerative disorder of weight bearing joint. Changes in foot posture may cause increased mechanical rotational stress on the knee joint and may alter alignment and dynamic function of lower limb. To understand the effect of foot orthosis and footwear modification as a non-operative treatment and to identify patients who are most likely to benefit from it, greater knowledge of foot structure in this population is required to find altered foot posture in medial and lateral compartment OA knee using Navicular Drop Test (NDT) and Arch Index (AI). A cross sectional study done on 100 Osteoarthritis patients diagnosed with ACR clinically diagnostic criteria. Patients were evaluated using NDT and AI. NDT: Using a rigid ruler the height of navicular tuberosity in neutral talus position and relaxed standing position was measured. AI: A foot print was taken on graph paper and divided into 3 equal parts A (anterior), B(middle), C(posterior). The results showed that 64% had medial compartmental OA knee and 36% had lateral compartmental OA knee. Out of total population patient showed equal amount of pronation and supination i.e. 36%, while 28% having no alteration in foot posture. Medial compartment had 19.20% pronated foot due to knee adduction moment arm. 28.12% had supinated foot in order to decrease load on lateral compartment and to delay further degenerative process. The study concluded that medial compartment OA and lateral compartment OA showed more pronated and supinated foot type respectively.


Osteoarthritis (OA) ; Navicular Drop Test(NDT);Arch Index(AI);pronation of foot; supination of foot.

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