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Special Issues

Special Issues are an important section of Phoenix Research Publishers. In order to better serve our research community and concentrate on highly interest, special issues of any subjects are welcome at any time during the year. Special Issues should be organized by recognized experts in the area and attract articles of the highest quality.

Proposals for Special Issues should be submitted by the Chief Guest Editor of the Special Issue and should include the following:

  • The journal for which the Special Issue is intended
  • A suggested title for the Special Issue
  • Proposed Aims and Scope, giving an overview of the Special Issue’s intended focus and a list of the topics to be covered
  • A list of Guest Editors who will join the Chief Guest Editor in managing the Special Issue
  • A proposed timeline and schedule which includes Deadline for submission, Tentative publication date

Proposals for special issue should be submitted to Managing Editor of the publisher and they are subject to approval by the journal’s Editorial Board. On approval, a Call-for-Papers for the Special Issue will be issued and posted online.

Publication of conference proceedings

Proceedings of presented papers at International and National Conferences, Seminars, Congresses and Scientific Events will be accepted for publication. No maximum limits are placed on the amount of published papers.

Benefits of publishing are:

  • Wide range of publicity through rapid online publication
  • Optimized for indexing by the major search engines
  • Low-Priced and High-Quality publishing platform
  • Publishing in less than 30 days after papers are received from Conference Organizers
  • High-quality and low-priced printing services for proceedings through a separate agreement.

Print on Demand

Phoenix Research Publishers offers a variety of printing options to fit the author requirements. Authors can request to print their published article or the entire volume for their needs. Authors should order a minimum of 25 copies of article or 10 copies of volume. A nominal amount will be charged for printing and postal expenditure.

Typesetting service

Typesetting in its simplest form involves laying out text and illustrations to a specified pattern and creating a finished document ready for printing. Our typesetters are experts at composing crisp and clean layouts with an outstanding ability to deliver your message clearly to the reader. We follow both conventional as well as innovative typesetting methods, giving you a wide range of options to choose the one best suited for your Research and Education at affordable price. Items that are typically typeset include research articles, books, thesis or dissertations, monographs, brochures, fact sheets, reports, pamphlets, booklets, manuals and forms etc.

For all the above services, do feel free to email us at contact@phoenixpub.org regarding your requirements and queries.